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As Lead Designer for this ‘Financial Institution-focused’ design-build company, I co-created their industry leading Design Department, while designing 40+ credit union & bank branches all across America.


Utilizing ‘out of the box’ thinking, technology and creativity, we brought cutting edge solutions to the market and set the standard for the industry.

Sam Chang Architect & Associates

Kahului International Airport - Gates, Baggage Claim & Car Rental - Maui, HI

Honolulu International Airport - International Terminal Building - Oahu, HI

Honolulu Police Headquarters and Parking Garage - Honolulu, HI

University of Hawaii - Agricultural Sciences Building - Honolulu, HI

Architecture Plus

Ed Robson Residence - Phoenix, AZ

Glen Campbell Residence - Flagstaff, AZ

Stewart Residence - Paradise Valley, AZ

Garrett Residence - Chandler, AZ

Paris Residence - Scottsdale, AZ

Oglivie Residence - Chandler, AZ

Alperson Residence - Scottsdale, AZ

McKay Residence - Phoenix, AZ

Albers Residence - Pine Island, NE

Barone Residence - Chandler, AZ

Clement Residence - Paradise Valley, AZ

Conte Residence - Ormand Beach, FL

Daskal Residence - Paradise Valley, AZ

Flickinger Residence - Tempe, AZ

Glass Residence - Scottsdale, AZ

Long Residence - Scottsdale, AZ

Kurn Residence - Phoenix, AZ

Low Residence - Scottsdale, AZ

Spadafore Residence - Tempe, AZ

Suft Residence - Phoenix, AZ

VanDerwerf Residence - Phoenix, AZ

Tully Residence - Scottsdale, AZ

Eagles Glen - Lot 24 - Carefree, AZ

Eagles Glen - Lot 25 - Carefree, AZ

Hunter’s Green - Lot 67 - Scottsdale, AZ

La Place - Lot 10 - Paradise Valley, AZ

La Place - Lot 12 - Paradise Valley, AZ

Los Palacios - Lot 1 - Paradise Valley, AZ

Los Palacios - Lot 3 - Paradise Valley, AZ

Rising Sun - Lot 14 - Chandler, AZ

Wingfoot - Lot 6 - Tempe, AZ

Desert Highlands at Pinnacle Peak - Scottsdale, AZ

Biltmore Hillside Villas - Phoenix, AZ

Biltmore Greens - III, IV & V - Phoenix, AZ

Enclaves I & II at Gainey Ranch - Scottsdale, AZ

Goldfield Heights Subdivision - Fountain Hills, AZ

Kapaka Farms Subdivision - Oahu, HI

East Valley Auto Mall - Mesa, AZ

Laguna Village Mall - Tempe, AZ

Depot Cantina Restaurant - Tempe, AZ

Jack Peterson & Associates

Continental Homes - various Subdivisions and Model Homes

MA/COM Omni-Spectra Defense Component Facility - Chandler, AZ

Sperry Space Systems Facility - Phoenix, AZ

CBN Office Building - Phoenix, AZ

Hall Eye Surgery Clinic - Phoenix, AZ

Various Custom Residences


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